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How it Works


Confirm Your Priorities

Use simple prompts to quickly setup meaningful goals.
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Stack Key Habits & Actions

Link key habits & actions to your goals to drive progress every day.
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Track Your Progress

Record your activity to follow your progress and maintain streaks
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Guided Goal Setting & Habit Formation
Whether it’s achieving a faster running time, meeting a sales target, or reducing stress, One Iota enables you to quickly set any type of goal, link powerful habits & easily track progress to reach your personal & professional potential.
Unquie Assessments & Tools
One Iota leverages a variety of tools and assessments such as sleep & productivity chronotypes, risk of burnout, and our PERFoRM™ model to help you achieve your performance & wellness goals.
Personalized Recommendations - Like a Private Coach
Combining AI analysis with self-reflection tools, One Iota will generate personalized insights & tailored recommendations to help you be your best.
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Use Cases

Running a half-marathon
Anya utilized One Iota to establish and track a regular running habit and focus on injury prevention to reach her goal of running a sub 2 hour half-marathon.  
Creating an online course
Claire used One Iota to help her stay on track with creating an online course. The daily intentions and progress reporting are helping her stop procrastinating and stay focused to reach her goal.
Learning to meditate to manage stress
Yuan used One Iota’s assessment tools to measure his stress levels leading up to presentations and to track his meditation practice to reduce his anxiety.
Reading 2 books/month
Like many of us Dylan had great intentions to read more but struggled with distraction and staying consistent. Dylan set up a simple target goal and used daily intentions to stay on track.


All Individuals subscriptions include a 21 day free trial of the Premium Plan
Best for low commitment experimentation
Free Forever!
1 Active Goal
3 Active Habits
Unlimited Actions
1 Active Assessment
Partial Results + Recommendations
Best for those with multiple goals and habits
2 Active Goal
8 Active Habits
Unlimited Actions
2 Active Assessments
Full Access to Results + Recommendations
Best for those looking to reach the next level!
Unlimited Goals
Unlimited Habits
Unlimited Actions
Unlimited Active Assessments
Full Access to Results + Recommendations
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